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Vet's I met in Virgina

Updated: Dec 20, 2017

My apologies for not getting this out sooner!

I owe everyone an apology. I guess I’ve been a little winded on the blogs. I’ll do my best to keep them to a “one setting” read. Next, don’t get too worked up on my selfie skills, or the lack of, this was my first. What a time to fail! I’ve been instructed, no more selfies, until my wonderful daughter gives me a few lessons. I ran into a couple of veterans this past week and only found it fitting to share my encounters. The first was with Mr. Krauss. Mr. Krauss was a young ninety-seven years young. WOW, this man was amazing. Retired from the Navy, this man served in four wars, WWII being the first. This man served in Vietnam with his son. We had such a great conversation. It’s amazing how much history, not only from a military perspective, but from a US life perspective. The families from this era have seen so much change in our world. Listening to Mr. Krauss gave me a new found apperception for this generation. We exchange a great bit of knowledge, all on Mr. Krauss’s end, that day in Home Depot. I’ll cherish this time for many years. Thanks you Mr. Krauss!

Two days later Miss Helen runs in to Mr. Robert Johnson. We are taking a Saturday stroll through Finlay Market we she is practically running through the crowd looking for me. Most of you can get a visual image. She tells me there is a veteran that I must talk with. I feel so blessed to have met Mr. Johnson and his family. Mr. Johnson proudly served in the Army and I can tell you his family was extremely proud of this man. After spending some precious moments with him it was easy to understand why. I want to thank both Mr. Johnson and his family for the wonderful moment that I will not forget anytime soon. I’m proud to have encountered both of these men this month. Thank you for your unselfish contribution to this country.

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