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So the journey continues.....

So, the journey has begun! So much has taken place since our last writing. Being surrounded by such encouraging individuals has been a blessing in of itself. Without the great support of those that have encouraged us daily, I’m not sure where we would be today. We had our first annual fundraiser, “Vision Cast”, that was very successful. I’m overwhelmed by the support of such great people. It was there that we shared our vision for R.A.K. and outlined the future of the ministry. I’ll share more on this with our upcoming newsletter.

As we’ve embarked on this new adventure, I find myself spending much time reflecting on so many of the small things. It’s amazing when you’re buried in your day-to-day life, how so many things become randomly systematic. I know for me it was a constant engagement of working through the daily task of insuring we met specific objectives and goals, at a very fast pace. So much so, I forgot to see what was happening around me. We’ve all heard it before, When you’re dead and gone, no one will remember the hours you spent at the job, the overtime you put in and missed that special occasion, rushing to our destination, I think you get the message. For so many years, that was me. I think of the opportunities I missed, not with just my family, but those I loved that are no longer with me. The strangers I hurriedly ignored in a time of need. I can’t get that time back. What I can do, as I’ve been so graciously been granted, is the opportunity to now recognize some of those encounters.

We just encountered a tremendous storm, Matthew” that hit the east coast. I was in route to Florida for several projects. I had my truck loaded and was anxious to get there. This is the same feeling I’ve always encountered, when I’m prepared for a road trip. I love to drive, getting to my destination as quickly as I can, right? This morning was no different. Got up early, armed with my coffee and trusty “Chevy” steed, yes Hagedorn, a Chevy, I embarked on Florida. I get through Kentucky rather quickly, keeping on track, when I hit Tennessee. As I start through Tennessee I pass a BMW that has a flat tire and don’t think too much about, when it hits me like a ton of bricks. I’m doing what I always have done, rushing with no regard to the surroundings around me. Whoa, what a wake-up call. That bothered me for the next fifteen minutes. We have filed the necessary articles of incorporation and currently awaiting the final IRS certification. This has not kept us from starting the work. We have so appropriately named the ministry "Random Acts of Kindness", RAK. While this name is synonymous with doing for someone randomly, we are believing in Gods direction to allow us to minister to those in need in a great way. We want to, as our title verse depicts, "Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving each other just as God in Christ has forgiven you".. Ephesians 4:32. Through our actions, Be Kind to one another! Through this blog, I will attempt to keep everyone up-to-date on the adventures of RAK and what lives are being impacted in a Godly and positive way.

We have had the opportunity to provide an elderly lady safe railing to access her home. She was constantly in danger of falling, as she attempted to enter or leave here home. Miss Helen, being the painter extraordinaire she is, could not resist to see her deck receive a fresh coat of "deck over". I'm not sure, am I plugging a product here (lol)?

There was a senior saint that recently had surgery that wanted her shutters re-painted. RAK was able to provide a fresh new look to the exterior of here home.

We ask you keep RAK in your prayers as we seek to build the kingdom of Christ, one act at a time! Till next month, randomly do a one kind act that has no expectations of receiving something in return.


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