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Serving others with....

One Random Act of Kindness at a Time!


Born and raised on a farm in Laurel County, Kentucky by grandparents, Mike Baker learned what hard work really meant. Born and raised on the sandy shores of Miami Beach, Helen Baker learned life around the ocean was filled with adventure and, hard work. The Bakers have been working hard ever since, with college, 23yrs of marriage, 2 children (Daniel-21 & Michelle-18), business ownership and recently General Manager at General Electric. One would suspect with all that behind them, and now in the prime of income earning years, it would be time to put life on automatic pilot. Along the way they both have been able to put their own lives on hold a bit to minister unselfish love and giving to others through time and deed. Ah, a life that seemingly was fulfilled with all God or man could ask for or hope. A hope that God has not forgotten, He understands, and is reaching out to share love and kindness, by using a big strapping country boy and petite beach loving lady. Together Mike and Helen, are armed with a verse they have built their ministry upon, Ephesians 4:32, be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.” Now , they serve Christ by serving others.Then it happened. As Mike describes it “the job I had so grown to love doing the last 13 years, was just for some reason not fulfilling me, it’s like a switch flipped.”  For the rest of this compelling story go to


At RAK we provide task and services to a broad range of individuals. While we focus on senior citizens as our core recipients, we know that Gods light can be shown to all ages and ethnicities. We have the ability to provide project refurbishments, i.e., home repairs, handicap access, life-coaching, clean-up, fellowship, landscaping, and a number of targeted request. The projects have a life-changing impact on the individual recipients, as God’s love is demonstrated in an unconditional manner. RAK is committed to reaching out to those in need.

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